Thursday, October 14, 2010

Giving back to the community

I'm not sure why, but fall is always a time I start thinking more often about giving back to others.  Obviously it's something we should think of and do throughout the year, but the cooler temperatures, breezy days and fall decorations get my mind moving in the direction of giving to others.

I have often heard that when things are bad for you, the cure is to do something for someone else.  I completely believe in this.  

In today's busy culture, too often we don't do for ourselves, much less do anything for anyone else.  When is the last time you gave something (even time) to someone without expecting something in return? 

Many celebrities give to others in a very grand way.  Look at Oprah, Ellen and many of the other big names.  It's easy to allow yourself to believe that if you can't give big like that, why should you give at all.  I believe giving of yourself, whether it be time, money, a baked item, a smile or a kind word can do wonders for the giver and the receiver.

There are so many ways to give.  I would love to hear what you do to give back to others.  

Keep me posted.



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  1. Togetherness is a really important part of community; I think you've really hit in something here.

    And we can all give in our own ways like you say. We don't all have the money of people like Oprah but hopefully we can all offer something of value to our communities.